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Thread: Any high cusomizable exe protector?

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    Any high cusomizable exe protector?

    Anybody knows an exe protector which we could customize its protection layer?
    I mean for example you customize its protection layer to use an special hardware dongle too which is not supported normally(I don't want to use that dongle inside codes,then protect compiled application exe protector).
    I know it is somehow very hard to implement,if not impossible, But do you know any which can be used in this way?

    I should look out my posts,Or JMI will get mad at me! ;)

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    FWIW, you could get UPX, and modify away!

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    May I suggest security through obscurity?

    The more 'mainstream' of a protection you use, the more likely it will be automatically unpacked. Now, regardless of what you use, if a well-versed reverser wants in, they will get in. Using an obscure (nameless) packing scheme, as opposed to UPX, will allow you to fool a lot of the novice crackers.

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