Hi all

I've just managed to patch the latest version of Ultra Edit ver 7.20a. However it was'nt my intention to patch it, I started out fishing for the serial, but after a few days of no luck decided to make do with patching it.

I'm usualy quite good at tracing serials, but this prog has so far beaten me! I just can't seem to even get near to it. I know the damn prog must check the serial that I enter with the real one somewhere - but where, I just do not know!

Can anyone give me a hint as to where I should be looking for this serial check? Is there some method I can use to track it down? I've tried breaking on hmemcpy, GetWindowTextA, GetDlgItemTextA etc, but they don't work. After entering a username and serial the prog informs you that it must shut down to check the serial, so I guess that it must do it's check when you restart it.

Please can someone help, I'm clean out of ideas.