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Thread: # Iím on my way to South Africa

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    # Iím on my way to South Africa

    Hi all! Guess where I am now? In the dessert of cold snow, in the an international airport of Moscow on my way to Amsterdam (transit) and South Africa (the final destination). There is summer now, so from winter to summer - whatís a trip Iím going to get. Quite long trip I should say. I have not slept 3 days. My mind just freezing like beta version of Windows. But itís worth what it costs. Far away from my den, Iím not alone. There are a lot of people here and I just enjoy talking and chasing girls. You know guys, girls are easy on trips. Theyíre expected to be diseased, oh, no not diseased, I mean they are just so sexy and they want what I want - find the best way to kill time.
    I would rather watch girls on youtube, but wifi Internet is quite expensive here - about $10/hour. And I forgot my headset. Damn! There is so much noise, my ASUS eee has no too powerful speaker, so I hear nothing. Btw, my ASUS eee is she, not he. Iím not a gay after all. Um, donít read this crap, I just too sleepy and type it for one reason only - do not fall asleep. Itís Moscow!!! You fall asleep and you lost everything you have had. In my case itís ASUS eee with stuff prepared for RE-training, Nikon D80 (cheap, but good enough for me, however, Iím going to buy D300). Did I miss something? Well, cell phone, cash, etc. so, better to keep myself awake, typing any crap on my blog. Um, I will delete this post anyway :=) guess, nobody is going to read it. Well, maybe not. Maybe Iím wrong and people want to know how good (bad) Moscow it. Of course, different people have different points of view, but in general, Moscow is a huge, noise, ugly, dirty, cold city. Architecture is just awful. Much worse than Kuala-Lumpur, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem or Amsterdam. I would not like here, I prefer to stay at my place - North Caucasus or… move to Israel, or to South Africa. Why not? Maybe I will fall in love with that place from the first sight. Who knows? The only way to find it out - check it out, making a try. So, Iím flying to South Africa.
    Meanwhile - is was not easy to get my visa to South Africa! It was just a mess! We (me and Sense Post company) were very nervous about it. We all invested a lot of money and… getting a visa was a real issue, bug problem, solved from the both side. Sense Post grabbed lawyers to called to the embassy and explain how important to make a visa in time. Me? Well, Iím far away from Moscow and have no lawyers, but I asked the best traveling agency for help and it actually worked out!!! In 12 hours Iíll fly to Amsterdam. Itís about 4 hours. And about 13 hours of flying from Amsterdam to South Africa. Kind of torture, but never mind. I get used to it - changing places, planes, hotels. Sorry my terrible English. There is no dictionary, no spell-checker, and I just hate small notebookí keyboard!!!

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    And that, boys, is why we love sleep deprivation treatments so much at the CIA

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    So, can we infer you WORK for the CIA, rendari? heh... He's been flooding the blogs board now....I hope FBI/CIA/whatnot are not after him now....

    Have phun
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!


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