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Thread: Class Informer IDA plug-in

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    Class Informer IDA plug-in

    My new IDA plug-in based on Igorsk's excellent article and IDC scripts.


    Scans an MSVC 32bit target IDB for vftables with C++ RTTI, and MFC RTCI type data.
    Places structure defs, names, labels, and comments to make more sense of class vftables ("Virtual Function Table") and make them read
    easier as an aid to reverse engineering.
    Creates a list window with found vftables for browsing.

    RTTI ("Run-Time Type Identification"):

    RTCI ("Run Time Class Information") the MFC forerunner to "RTTI":

    Example vftable output list:

    Example vftable info add by the plug-in:


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    excecllent work, this is a really nice tool. thanks!
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    looks clubbing should be usefull

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    Really neat stuff!

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    Wow.. very nice Sirmabus...

    Are you sure this is 1.0b in the zip? it says 1.0a in the output window and has no progress bar animation, also doesn't respond to the cancel or break key.

    Thanks for writing this awesome tool.

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