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Thread: Train Suicide

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    Train Suicide

    I have not been here long and already it has happened.

    Not far from where I was standing (perhaps 15 meters), as my train pulled into the station, someone jumped in front of it.
    He hit the right corner of it and was knocked back onto the platform, hitting other people who were waiting.
    The train screeched to a halt before arriving where I was standing and people started screaming.

    The officials came and moved people out of the area and put up some blue sheets to prevent people from seeing the body.

    The officials inspected the front corner of the train for damage. There was no blood or dents but there was a scratch. His family will have to pay for that.

    Eventually the train pulled forward into the station and stopped, but we were not allowed to get on. I had to take a different train to work, and I was late.

    Normally that is exactly where I stand when I wait for that train because it drops me off at the exit I need to take to easily leave the next station. If I had had the time to get over there it is likely I would have been hit by the body as it flew back onto the platform.

    About 1,500 people per year in Japan throw themselves in front of moving vehicles in an attempt at suicide. Most of those moving vehicles are trains. The line I take (Yamanote) averages over one per month.

    L. Spiro
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Hi. L. I have to deal with death every day of my life, Is part of my job. Suicide is also a singular trait of Japanese culture, but jumping in front of a train is perhaps the least dignified form to end one's life.
    On the other hand, can you picture the incomprehensible amount of desperation going through those poor souls' mind when they decide to do it?
    Is it an impulse? is it carefully planned? what is the story behind it?
    What is even more disturbing is that suicide becomes fashion. In the town I live now, people jump from a particular building, which has a singularly complex steel structure near the bottom, so the bodies have to be literally cut out of steel rails that point skyward. It is awful.

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    Pics please...
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    If you desire heinous pictures, try


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    yep, maybe they think by suicide they will resolve their problem. a simple way , hehehehe
    BTW may GOD forgive all their sin..........

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    more correctly: they will STOP RECIEVING problems.. (charge -> life)

    naides, be careful, your neuro-PC records that actions.. & marks them as handy/available..

    PS. Thread_out_of_FAQ

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