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Thread: Random Freezing

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    Random Freezing

    I am having a problem with my computer that has me stumped, so I wonder if any of you guys could give me some suggestions about fixing it.

    I have windows XP SP3. For the last week or so, and not related to any new install that I can think of, the computer freezes. Deep freeze, no response to the mouse, the keyboard, not even a BSOD that I could use to pinpoint the culprit driver or software. Happens randomly and the only way out is a hard reboot.
    Any suggestions pointers on how to diagnose/solve this problem??

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    I had a problem a few months ago just like yours.
    There was some problem with the micro updates and my box.

    I had to roll it back and shutoff auto update.
    It happened to a few other people I know.


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    If its not related to Woodmann's problem, check your hard drive failures in logs. A nearly dead hdd is oftenly causing freezes.
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