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Thread: Can someone tell me if this is worth posting?

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    Can someone tell me if this is worth posting?

    I've written a Plugin that takes all the symbol/address pairs from a cross-reference, or map, type of file (which would be the output from a compilation), and feeds them all into OllyDbg in bulk.

    (Equivalent to Command Line "L Address,Label" x about 1,000 or so)

    I wrote it for my own purposes because I needed it. When I OllyDbg my own software I can see symbols I recognise.

    I do not know whether or not someone else has already written such a Plugin.

    If they have, then fine.

    If not, does anyone think it might be useful to them? In which case I'll post it up.

    The main Plugin actually calls a small, replaceable, Sub-Plugin - that can be written "special purpose" to decipher output from any compilation (as far as I can see).
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Go ahead, Veronica. Post it. in Olly -plug-ins. A plus if you provide source code so others can understand it in depth and perhaps improve or modify for each own purpose.

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