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Thread: ARTeam: IDA plugin to analyze dumped memory regions inside IDA

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    ARTeam: IDA plugin to analyze dumped memory regions inside IDA

    Hi all,
    this is another interesting release from deroko/ARTeam.

    A set made of two programs (an IDA plugin and a dumper) useful to analyze dumped memory regions inside IDA. Useful for malware or VMs to analysis of dynamically allocated memory code sections (full sources included)

    dump_all/load_all set of tools by deroko ARTeam

    dump_all.exe is program which will dump all regions of a certain executable into
    specified folder. All dumps are stored as r00000000.dmp where
    00000000 is virtual address of a paticilar memory region.
    Advice is to create always new folder for these dumped regions, as
    load_all will load all of these regions to IDA database. Just to keep
    everything organized, and to avoid loading of wrong files, which could
    occur under some cicumstances.

    load_all.plw is and IDA plugin which will actually load all of these memory regions
    into IDA database. Example plugin is compiled with IDA 5.2 SDK, but you
    may compile it for other versions too.
    Plugin will prompt you for file, so you are free to select any of these
    .dmp, and plugin will load all of them into database. This could be useful
    when analyzing malware or some protection with many buffers, for better
    analyze of a VM, or import protection. This will avoid need to dump regions
    manually. or CRCETL

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    Thanks Shub for sharing them here.


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    nice stuff from deroko.. i wonder if he ever sleeps :P

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    Hi Deroko / Shub-nigurrath,

    Excellent plugin it has already helped me understanding IAT of Themida rebuilding process. Frankly, I had some confusion/doubts while understanding rebuilding process of IAT for Themida + which address to patch used your plugin to analyse it. Its helped me a lot! It rocks!

    Thanks for shareing your knowledge & excellent tools.

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    @NeOXOeN: around 5 hours/day... kinda busy with exams

    @zenloren: you are welcome

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    Nice tool indeed, and thanks for adding it to CRCETL as usual.

    And I was actually asking myself the exact same question about deroko when seeing this too.
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    only to pass this exam, and I'll have more free time for rce again

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