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Thread: IDA/Softice & VB

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    IDA/Softice & VB

    Hi, can anybody give me a few pointers.
    I am trying to RE a prog written in visual basic 6.0.
    I have trawled the net and tried to find info myself.

    Ida gives me the following information :

    .hc0j7ci : 0040 1000
    004F 7FFF

    .data : 004E E000
    004F 7FFF

    .rsrc : 004F 8000
    004F 9FFF

    .v3utv94v : 004F A000

    .fpf0xu9b : 0054 A000
    005F 7FFD

    .xmgnvmgh : 005F 8000
    005F 8FFF

    Start point is shown as fpf0xu9b : 005F7A80

    Imports: Kernel 32 User32

    Why does it not show MSVBVM6 as an import because it definitly uses it?
    I set up softice, ran the prog, got the proc ID, set the ADDR, and set a BP on
    MessageBoxA (this is show as imported from user32) softice did not break when I clicked on the reg box.

    Just out of interest I tried clicking on the reg box without entering any info.
    Sice broke on an error.

    001B:0052 BEC9 CALL [MSVBVM60! __vbaHresultCheckObj]

    Just above the command window I get the following info:
    (PASSIVE) KTEB (81441280) TID 03D0 Myprog! v3utv94v+00032AB4

    What I have learnt so far is that the string compare between what we entered and the 'real' generated serial is done with MSVBVM6.

    The info that I got when Sice broke on an error suggests that i'm not looking at the right area as this is located in memory at 001B:0052 BEC9
    comparing it to what I got fro IDA it does not seem to fit in any of the locations.

    This is obviously something fundamental that I've missed.

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    1. Dump all exports from MSVBVMxx.dll
    2. Search for RTCxxxxx (you will get your messagebox here, not the MessageBoxX variant in kernel/user)
    3. BP to hearts content. BTW, this works even in IDA debugger.

    Have Phun
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    Thank Aimless
    I wrongly assumed that by adding msvbvm60 to the imports in winice.dat that Sice would find them.
    When I exported it with NTloader it works fine.

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