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Thread: DotFuckScator v1.0

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    DotFuckScator v1.0

    DotFuckScator is a reversing engineering tool used to remove string encryption
    from dotfuscator protected files

    If the original file was strong name signed DotFuckScator will create a new keypair
    and re-sign the file with this pair, be carefull since file depending on this file will
    need to be edited manualy to support the new strong name signature.
    You can use RE-Sign for this and the editor of your choice

    Also if you like the file re-signed with a specific key place your key in the same
    folder as the file you are about to process and rename it to DotFuckScator.snk
    now DotFuckScator will use this key for the re-sign process.

    Check for the download link
    LibX // RETeam

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    Nice tool LibX, and thanks for adding it to the CRCETL too.
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