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Thread: Kernel Detective - new security & analysis tool

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    I didn't try on VMWare, some friends tried on VMWare but they didn't get the same result of yours .
    Maybe you can send me the crash-dump file ?


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    Hi GamingMasteR,

    The problem shoud be caused by the presence of Syses (kmode debugger),
    in every case I'll send you the dmp file =)

    Giuseppe 'Evilcry' Bonfa' (Repository)

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    I appreciate your help, thanks in advance .

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    Kernel Detective v1.2

    [+] Now Support Vista Service Pack 1 (Build 6001) .
    [+] Added Hidden/Suspicious Threads Detection .
    [+] Added Smart Process Termination Technique .
    [*] Improved Handles Detection .
    [*] Improved Processes Detection .
    [*] Improved Drivers Detection .
    [*] Improved User-mode Memory Reader On Vista .
    [!] Fixed bug in IAT Hooks Detection .

    Download Link:

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    What's new in v1.3.0 :
    [+] Support for Vista SP2
    [+] Suspend/Resume Process/Thread
    [+] Force Resume Process/Thread
    [+] Unloaded drivers viewer
    [+] Object Types viewer
    [+] Timer Objects viewer
    [+] Kernel Notification Callbacks viewer (Process/Thread/Image/Registry)
    [+] Added simple hex viewer with the disassembler
    [+] Force Delete files (even files in use)
    [+] File Signature Verifying
    [+] Ability to save list contents
    [*] Improved Hidden Drivers Detection
    [*] Improved disassembler coloring
    [!] Fixed annoying problem with listview sorting and refreshing
    [!] Fixed known minor bugs in v1.2.1

    Download Link :

    SHA-256 : 7E01B3DA8B844C45B69CE1F3615FC0350D26C56B93AFE82E2F1756A318266011

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    hi GamingMasteR i just wonder about a feature of your tool (if it is a feature)
    when softice is loaded/or not loaded the "GUI Settings" shows a red color (only to derokos website) the other are grayed
    is that some kind of detection ? i didnt find anything in the readme to that
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    I get a virus alarm with your Kernel_detective exe file.

    What gives?

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    YES, Deroko is a big rootkit
    The color on deroko's line is sample for a warning line's color, play abit with warning colors and it will change

    It's not malicious
    Only F/Ps

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    Quote Originally Posted by naides View Post
    I get a virus alarm with your Kernel_detective exe file.

    What gives?
    I would guess it's the presence of a driver and the API's it uses. Any tool that accesses the system at a very low level that isn't as well known (and therefore whitelisted) will probably trigger an AV alert.

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    Kernel Detective v1.3.1 :
    [+] Support For WINDOWS SEVEN BUILD 7600
    [+] Added Bugcheck(Reason) Callback Notifications Detection
    [+] Added Hidden DLLs Detection
    [+] Added New Features For DLLs (ZeroMemory/UnmapMemory)
    [+] Added Unicode/Ascii String Reference In Disassembler Window
    [+] Added Physical Memory Dumper
    [+] Added Thread Stack Trace
    [+] Added "Copy" and "Select all" Hot-keys (Ctrl+A Ctrl+C)
    [*] Improved Files Operations (Open/Copy/Kill)
    [*] Application Windows Now Have XP Visual Style
    [*] Tabs Now Are Multilined
    [!] Fixed Bug In Callbacks Detection For VISTA BUILD 6000
    [!] Fixed Processes Row Selection
    [!] Fixed Listview Selection And Sorting Bugs
    [!] Fixed Bugs In Kernel Driver Installation Process

    Download Link :

    SHA-256 :

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    What's new in v1.4.0 :
    - Added plugins system
    - Added support for windows server 2008, seven sp1
    - Enhanced stability on NT 6.0+ (windows vista/seven)
    - Improved driver scan
    - Improved code hook scan
    - Fixed bug prevent the tool from working on windows xp
    - Fixed bug related to long paths
    - Fixed bug in process/driver dumper
    - Fixed bug in IDT scan

    Download Link :

    SHA-256 :

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    What's new in v1.4.1 :
    - Fixed possible BSOD when scanning processes
    - Fixed bug in callbacks scanning
    - Enhanced showing files properties and signature verifying
    - Skeleton SDK for VS2008 included

    Download Link :

    SHA-256 :

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    Thanks for keeping you tool updated and letting us know about it GamingMasteR.
    "Give a man a quote from the FAQ, and he'll ignore it. Print the FAQ, shove it up his ass, kick him in the balls, DDoS his ass and kick/ban him, and the point usually gets through eventually."

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    [QUOTE=GamingMasteR;88560]What's new in v1.4.1 :]

    Running Win 7 on laptop. If I double-click Kernel Detective.exe, it returns an error message: 'Unable to install the system component'. If I double-click Dbgview.bat, it opens a command window and does nothing. The command window closes automatically.

    Ctrl-D wont bring it back (that's a softice joke).

    Has my brain stopped working? I have begun to suspect that might be the case.

    I am running a Comodo firewall with the anti-virus feature running. It asked me if I wanted to sandbox the app and I selected yes. May have been a mistake. However, the app appears in Comodo as a trusted app.

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    Hello WaxfordSqueers,

    You need to :
    - Run it on 32-bit OS
    - Run it with admin privilege (right click -> run as administrator)
    - No sandboxing if it will prevent the kernel-mode driver from loading


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