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Thread: Kernel Detective - new security & analysis tool

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    Arrow Kernel Detective - new security & analysis tool

    Kernel Detective is a free tool that help you detect, analyze, manually modify and fix some Windows NT kernel modifications. Kernel Detective gives you the access to the kernel directly so it's not oriented for newbies. Changing essential kernel-mode objects without enough knowledge will lead you to only one result, BSOD !!

    Supported NT versions : XP(sp1-sp2-sp3) - Vista Ultimate build 6000

    With Kernel Detective you can:

    Enumerate running processes and print important values like Process Id, Parent Process Id, ImageBase, EntryPoint, VirtualSize, PEB block address and EPROCESS block address. Kernel Detective also has special scan methods for detecting hidden processes

    Enumerate a specific running processe Dynamic-Link Libraries. Also show every Dll ImageBase, EntryPoint, Size and Path .

    Enumerate loaded kernel-mode drivers and show every driver ImageBase, EntryPoint, Size, Name and Path. Also it has special methods for detecting hidden drivers.

    Scan the system service table (SSDT) and show every service function address and the real function address. You can restore single service function address or restore the whole table.

    Scan the shadow system service table (Shadow SSDT) and show every shadow service function address and the real function address. You can restore single shadow service function address or restore the whole table

    Scan the interrupts table (IDT) and show every interrupt handler offset, selector, type, Attributes and real handler offset. This is applied to every processor in a multi-processors machines.

    Scan the important system kernel modules, detect the modifications in it's body and analyze it. For now it can detect and restore inline code modifications, EAT and IAT hooks. I'm looking for more other types of hooks next releases of Kernel Detective.

    A nice disassembler rely on OllyDbg disasm engine, thanks Oleh Yuschuk for publishing the source code of your nice disasm engine . With it you can disassemble, assemble and hex edit virtual memory of a specific process or even the kernel space memory. Kernel Detective use it's own Read/Write routines from kernel-mode and doesn't rely on any windows API. That make Kernel Detective able to R/W processes VM even if NtReadProcessMemory/NtWriteProcessMemory is hooked, also bypass the hooks on other kernel-mode important routines like KeStackAttachProcess and KeAttachProcess

    Show the messages sent by drivers to the kernel debugger just like Dbgview by Mark Russinovich. It's doing this by hooking interrupt 0x2d wich is responsible for outputing debug messages. Hooking interrupts may cause problems on some machines so DebugView is turned off by default, to turn it on you must run Kernel Detective with "-debugv" parameter.

    Coded by GamingMasteR -AT4RE

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    Camus SoNiCo
    I run this and it hang without showing anything. Process Explorer claims it's stopped inside createThread. Any ideas on how to kill this or resurrect it?

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Seems like the execution is stuck in an endless-loop in kernel-mode after calling the driver via DeviceIoControl.
    I think you must reset .

    Sorry for that

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    Very nice tool (I'm sure any possible bugs can be cleaned out too), and thanks for adding it to the CRCETL.
    "Give a man a quote from the FAQ, and he'll ignore it. Print the FAQ, shove it up his ass, kick him in the balls, DDoS his ass and kick/ban him, and the point usually gets through eventually."

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    Kernel Detective v1.1

    -Added : Hidden Handles Detection, show every handle's object name and address + ability to close the handle.
    -Improved : Processes Detection, new undocumented algorithms implemented.
    -Improved : Drivers Detection, undocumented algorithms implemented.
    -Improved : SSDT Hooks Detection, detection algorithm improved to bypass KeServiceDescriptorTable EAT/IAT hooks.
    -Improved : User-space memory reader/writer and symbols decoder.
    -Improved : Application GUI.
    -Fixed : BSoD while driver initializing and most known bugs in version 1.0.

    Download Link:

    CRCETL entry updated.

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    Thanks for the update and for updating the CRCETL!


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    is the information public how you get the real SSDT addresses ?

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    There's alot of public opensource samples, take a look at this one :

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    You might look here too for similar source code

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    We really don't need special colored type for your entries.


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    I'm just used to post in that color , sorry for that .

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    Is is better than rku,thanks for share!.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Really a nice useful tool man!

    But it crashes on VMWare, when is selected the System Service Table Shadow

    Giuseppe 'Evilcry' Bonfa' (Repository)

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    your tools~~~

    i am downloaded your tool.
    using the program very powerful and strong.
    thanx to all my friends..

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    some fun..

    a countryman: bye!!!!!!!!!

    a evilcry: you discovered "yet another way to crash VMWare"!?
    with author's CollaBoraTion,

    a JMI: no more blue!!

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