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Thread: IDA on iPhone

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    IDA on iPhone

    Good news for real iPhone fans: we ported IDA to iPhone! It can handle any application and provides the same analysis as on other platforms. It is funny to see IDA on a such small device:

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    Oh for crying out loud!!!

    What next Ilfak? IDA for Moleskine?

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    Ben of PVDasm released an iPhone version last year.

    iDA seems much more complete and functional though.

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    Do you need a lincense for this version of IDA or it is based on the free one?

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    It is based on the "developer" license, meaning that it is unlikely that we'll see it around anytime soon. However, beside being "cool", I fail to see how IDA on the iphone could be useful...
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    it's clearly an experiment, the iphone on which has been developed is clearly a jailbroken 1.1.4 which supports BSD subsystem and POSIX or course. Then porting is quite easy, they just did it as an experiment. As it is is absolutely unusable both because version 2.0 of iphones is out and because you must jailbroke it and because the interface is not made for iphone, as Ilfaik clearly also tells.
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