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Thread: "Access Violation" using RTA

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    "Access Violation" using RTA

    I'm trying to use RTA to overwrite some asm permanently, and change it in the exe. When I get to a certain part of the code, RTA either crashes, or says "Access Violation" and I have to close the whole thing via task manager.

    I'm using this version of RTA:

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    Not sure what your issue with RTA is, but you can get the same functionality with OllyDbg

    Here are the steps:
    - open the file in ollydbg
    - right-click on code you want to modify -> 'Assemble'
    - put your replacement instruction (rinse and repeat)
    - when done, right-click in CPU window -> 'Copy to executable' -> 'All modifications' then select 'Copy all'
    - In new window right-click -> 'Backup' -> 'Save data to file'
    - Done
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Thanks, that worked.
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    even simpler, you may use hiew

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