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Thread: VB Reverse Engineering

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    VB Reverse Engineering


    I am trying to crack 1 software. This software is made in VB 5/6. I used VB Decompiler Pro 5.0 to unpack it. Now I down understand how to disable startup AuthCode form. If I cancel the form it closes whole program.

    I would appriciate if some one will help me to find a clue. I did read the FAQ and I tried to find SmartCheck for vb but it is not available on internet to download. Any help provided will be appriciated as the target software worth US$ 1500

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Maybe what you should do is go to the CRCETL, linked at the top of these forums, and review some of the tools in the VB reversing sections. That's why dELTA designed the CRCETL and why people contribute to it.

    So far, all you've told us is you pushed a button on a ready made tool and you want someone to tell you about a ready made tool which might help you do the rest of the work, without really understanding what you are doing.

    If all you want is to get a "crack" of your target, you are on the wrong forum. If YOU want to learn how YOU might reverse YOUR target, YOU need to be ready to invest substantial time and "personal" effort. It is not at all clear that you have invest much of that, as of yet. If you have, it does not show from your post.


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    Hi JMI,
    thnx for reply. I did check the toolz. i also read tutorial for SmartCheck. I finaly manage to find its ver6. I tied to analyze the target software. As far as I understand it is connected with some mdb file where it stores the AuthCode. I am submitting some code that might help.

    Program Transcript
    CREATE_PROCESS: 00400000
    LOAD_DLL base:7C900000 ntdll.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:7C800000 KERNEL32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:73420000 MSVBVM60.DLL
    LOAD_DLL base:7E410000 USER32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:77F10000 GDI32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:77DD0000 ADVAPI32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:77E70000 RPCRT4.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:77FE0000 Secur32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:774E0000 ole32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:77C10000 msvcrt.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:77120000 OLEAUT32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:76390000 IMM32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:5B290000 SCHKCORE.DLL
    LOAD_DLL base:5B1C0000 SCSymeng.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:5B0A0000 SCProj.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:5B080000 SCMod.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:5B070000 SCLog.dll
    Username: Asif Pervez
    Machine: ASIF
    Date: 7/23/2008 4:27:03 AM
    LOAD_DLL base:75E90000 sxs.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:5AD70000 UxTheme.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:74720000 MSCTF.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:77C00000 VERSION.dll
    UNLOAD_DLL (VERSION.dll) base: 77C00000
    LOAD_DLL base:755C0000 msctfime.ime
    LOAD_DLL base:76FD0000 CLBCatQ.DLL
    LOAD_DLL base:77050000 COMRes.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:77C00000 VERSION.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:21E20000 Unit32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:740C0000 MSVBVM50.DLL
    LOAD_DLL base:76B40000 WINMM.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:7D1E0000 msi.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:79000000 mscoree.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:77F60000 SHLWAPI.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:60610000 fusion.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:78130000 MSVCR80.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:79E70000 mscorwks_ntdef.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:202B0000 COMCTL32.ocx
    LOAD_DLL base:5D090000 COMCTL32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:763B0000 comdlg32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:7C9C0000 SHELL32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:773D0000 COMCTL32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:10000000 THREED32.ocx
    LOAD_DLL base:61A90000 MFC40.DLL
    LOAD_DLL base:78080000 MSVCRT40.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:5EDD0000 OLEPRO32.DLL
    LOAD_DLL base:21E60000 CSI21.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:04470000 DAO350.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:04000000 msjet35.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:0F9A0000 VBAJET32.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:0F9C0000 EXPSRV.dll
    UNLOAD_DLL (VBAJET32.dll) base: 0F9A0000
    LOAD_DLL base:041B0000 MSRD2X35.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:22030000 BASEX232.dll
    LOAD_DLL base:02A70000 zoebrd01.dll
    It is loading so many things that cant be understood. Any clue what to do?

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    that's not the way you use SmartCheck!
    try this link:

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    Link not found
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Naides is Nobody
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    Go to
    Click OtherTuts
    Click VisualBasic

    Read the tuts: ~20 of them!

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    Oh My God! That sounds too much like WORK! Can't someone just give the answer while I do very little to help myself???


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