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Thread: What happened with WKT?

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    Question What happened with WKT?

    Hi there!

    By 2001 the Whiskey kon Tequila reverser forum was gone...

    Does somebody knows why?

    S y S
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    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Because WKT Debugger was discontinued?
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    It won't run in XP unless you have msvbvmXX in the target's directory, dunno why.


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    WKT DEBUGGER search if a program is a pcode,
    first check the existence of msvbm, bah this dll but only search and compare uppercase or lowercase (I don't remember in this moment what is the searched and what rejected), if the program import the other is not recognized how VB or PCODE, is easily patched in the code with ollydbg, look the message of error look the comparation and you see MSVBM against msvbm or Msvbm and one only is taken how valid the others are rejected, and show the message IS NOT PCODE or so.You can patch this comparation and if you know what programs are pcode or not, avoid the message always and work forever.


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    This was discussed a few years ago

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