Hi all,
this is a message from our mate argv. As you know we already released some symbian stuffs (and some other things s60 3d apps will be out these days). But we would also like to raise the bar and find ppl out willing to share information, at least to not be behind the iPhone scene.. ^_^ This is the right time for it.

ARTeam is looking for more Symbian reversers.
If you are interested and you think that you can do it then apply!

However there are many details that needs to be covered. Since I am running this recruitment you will send your applications and projects to me at E-Mail which is argv.cpp@gmail.com

What is expected from you?

1. Symbian C++ programming
2. Understanding the core of Symbian operating system
3. ARM assembly knowledge (basics atleast)
4. Experience in Symbian RCE
5. Experience and understanding both 2nd and 3rd generations of OS

1. Teamwork
2. Constant research of Symbian technology
3. Sharing your findings with other in the team
4. Will to write tutorials for people to read for free
5. Help people on this forum regardless of the question. If you can help then do so.
6. Personality we expect communicative people that can take a critism and then not cry but repair their error and accept that they were wrong (this was just example). And in general we accept polite, decent and friendly people. If you think you can break at some point and start screaming then don't bother applying.

1. Include all information about yourself in one document
2. Send some of your projects you think are good to prove your coding skills and show us what are you doing in general.
3. You can send unfinished projects also, it dosen't matter. Important thing is that we can see your coding skills.
4. DO NOT send cracked applications. I will discard any application that contain cracked application. You can
Send a cracking tutorial, but not cracked app, only trial with tutorial. This is to prove your cracking skill. However, I expect only newest cracked programs, not already cracked by some other group. Stalk www.handango.com or www.my-symbian.com or any other symbian trial portals for NEW applications or NEW application version. Application goes out and you crack it and send it. You will time enough time, we won't recruit people in 2 days. Take your time but after you cracked NEW application or NEW application version send it immediately! If you want you can also KEYGEN some application and send the source code. Since most applications are cracked patched many just need registration so you don't have to stalk symbian portals. Just take some app and keygen it.
5. Send your own ideas about Symbian RCE. I wish to learn more how do you think about RCE in general and how do you approach Symbian RCE problems.
6. A big plus is if you send some project that will surprise me, I like those ^^
7. Anything else related to Symbian that you think will help you getting in.
8. Anything related to LCG applications is a BIG PLUS!

Send your applications/files to argv.cpp@gmail.com in RAR format.

If you are selected for the trial we will contact you via PM on our forum or via mail, or even just reply here.


Have a nice day.