Hi all,
I started to collect contributions for the new eZine. I decided to focus the new ezine issue on reversing of non-Windows system: palms, mobiles (symbians, windows mobile or everything else), iphones, macs, PPC, linux, coffe machine keys, your car, embedded systems..everything you can reverse that is not a Windows system (desktop windows I mean). If any of you has something original to contribute please send it to me, within at least the beginning of August. I would release a new ezine just at the beginning of the Summer! :-)

About the quality of contributions do not worry that much, you know the ezine spirit is to collect contributions that do not necessarily have to be long or complex. All that I ask is to write decently and an original explanation..

I hope to receive contributions, but do not publish here, just PM them to me!

Your Favourite Neighbourhood Shubby