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Thread: Hasp4 Emulation w/16 bit prog

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    Hasp4 Emulation w/16 bit prog


    Hope one of you lot can help out a very confused woman

    I am trying to get a HASP4 16bit program working (on any OS from 98 to Vista).

    The Softkey Solutions/Edge tools work so far (latest drivers install ok/service starts correctly) but when I run protected prog no dumper info appears.

    I have also trying Glashas which also does not work.

    Any ideas?
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Yep! Actually read the Friggin FAQ, as it clearly stated on your way in, and then tell US what you have actually done to attempt to find the answer to YOUR question, by searching, both here and on the net.

    You need to show some of your own work before you may expect help on these Forums. If you have done anything to try to solve your problem, other than "clicking" on a ready made tool, how would we know??


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    OK forgive me. I have search here and exeforums but I seem to be having silly issue that are not covered. I understand this is me at fault... but I am trying...

    Here what I have managed so far: Got the pw (22FE 0106)

    Glashas dump outputs a file of 92k and says its completed but when I try to use the dump to solve it I get either a "wrong file size" or "cannot find header" depending on what prog I use. (EdgePro and dmp2rg )

    I think I am at the limit of my understanding now - I just need a push in right direction

    What says should a correct dump file be?

    Apologies if this is all beneath you - A few months ago I found winzip a struggle so bare with me guys!
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    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Again, the PUSH you apparently need, and are still attempting to avoid, is that YOU are supposed to do your homework by searching on the net and these Forums about Hasp4 Emulation w/16 bit prog.

    For example, did YOU put something like:

    Hasp4 Emulation 16 bit program

    in your favorite search engine and then read any of the 529 hits I got?

    Did you try something like:

    Hasp4 Emulation

    and read any of the 2,370 hits which are available?

    At the moment, you appear not to know very much about Hasp4 emulation, which, by itself, is not the issue. The "issue" is that YOU apparently do not want to do any of the hard work of actually reading up on how "reversing" Hasp4 actually works and just want someone to "hand you" the solution to the fact that you haven't spent the necessary time to actually "learn all you can on your own" about how such things work.

    That is what we expect and require of posters here. They don't get to just "push a few buttons" on a tool, fail to reach their goal, and then ask to be shown "the path through the dark codewoods."

    Reversing takes both time and considerable effort. So far, you have not shown that you either have, or are willing to spend either, yourself, to achieve YOUR goal. If you actually have spent more than a very minimum of time, how would we know from what you have posted???


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