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Thread: How NOT to protect your app.

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    Talking How NOT to protect your app.

    Sanitized to protect the guilty.

    Attn software authors. Javascript is NOT a good language to write your licensing protection in. Since it has to be run from it's source state, that makes removing your protection trivial. See example below:

    function licenseCheck()
        try {
            gInfoSvc = Components.classes[";1"].
            while (!licenseValidOnStartup()) {
                if (licenseTrialCheck()) {
                    // first time install of a trial license
                    return gInfoSvc.licenseValid;
                // fall through, the invalidLicense dialog will handle showing
                // the apropriate information.  The trial is now expired.
                var args =  Components.classes[";1"]
                var paramBlock = 
                paramBlock.SetInt(0, Components.interfaces.ILicenseCallback.LICCB_ABORT);
                openWindow(null, licDialog,
                if (paramBlock.GetInt(0) == Components.interfaces.ILicenseCallback.LICCB_RETRY) {
                return false;
        } catch(ex) {
            // We've already shown a dialog for this error.
            return false;
        return true;
    So, what does it take to COMPLETELY disable your elaborate scheme?

    function licenseCheck()
        // Return TRUE that the license is good.
        return true;
    I think that should be self explanatory. If not, feel free to ask your questions.
    There, I've done my community service for the week.

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    there are some programs out there which converts readable java script codes to unreadable ones which yet are executable by the browsers. I think the critical parts of java script codes should be hidden that way unlike the above example
    that's a shame some authors know nothing about security.

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    Thanks for the info nanobit, I was unaware of that. But, it seems that someone has already taken care of that:

    It decodes the encoded scripts. (the jscript.encode stuff).

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    nice! I wasn't either aware of existence such a program.

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    A note: you can also use malzilla to decode scripts with most common obfuscating techniques..
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    umm, something new to play with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shub-nigurrath View Post
    A note: you can also use malzilla to decode scripts with most common obfuscating techniques..
    You are welcome to send me the script which can't be de-obfuscated.
    I will de-obfuscate it for you.

    bobby (Malzilla's developer)

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