Well this is my first post, hope it won't be a bad one - first thing I should say is that this board is -great- and I should've checked it out earlier.

Here go's. I'm trying to code a trainer for Tony Hawk 2. I found the memory locations for the score and money. Thing is, that you can't use alt-tab in the game while those keys are disabled - so alt-tab and then pressing a button on my trainer window won't do. When I re-enabled those keycombinations by inserting a call to SystemParametersInfoA, setting the screensaver to 'disabled', I found that pressing alt-tab in the game simply closes the game.

So, use hotkeys then we can use from within the game (better anyway) for example pressing F12 would update the score with 10000. I've tried putting GetAsyncKeyState on a timer (what defiler did in his tut about trainers): no luck. Then SavaGe notified me about the RegisterHotKey API which looks great but: also doesn't work. As soon as you are -in- the game, the keys won't be noticed by my trainer anymore.

BPX SetWindowsHookEx, trying to see if the game hooks WH_KEYBOARD and indeed that was it - I jumped over the call and found that my trainer can 'see' the hotkeys now ... but, the game doesn't, anymore ;-)

I'm stuck. What do I do next? How can I make the trainer work?
An easy way out would possibly be to set a timer in my trainer, and after 5 minutes let it update the score/money (when the game is allready launched) but that kind of sux.

I'm calling for help here ;-) Thanks in advance.

Predator [PC/pGC]