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Thread: How to manually unwrap/unpack Elicense-protected prog's.....

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    How to manually unwrap/unpack Elicense-protected prog's.....

    I,am working on a target Achilles's Shield 3.0 witch is protected with elicense (try/buy/rent) it usses vtcpak24.dll; i can't find the compare for 15 day's or where it is stored. Tried with elicense unwrapper but it failed maybe because my prog is already expired..;it makes a temp-file from where it runs so any suggestions how i can unwrap or unpack it manualy.......Thanks....SpeKKeL!......
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    It is easy to unpack.I have found an easy method to unpack within 10 sec.
    1.Run your program.When trial dialog appears goto your debugger and bpx on freelibrary
    2.Trace untill you see jump[xxxxxxx].This is your OEP
    3.If you are using softice,when you are at this location type
    a eip
    jmp eip
    And dump with Procdump you are done.
    4.If you are using Trw2k.When you are at this location F8 into it and type
    You will have unpacked newpe.exe in program directory or trw2k directory.

    I guess you have some problem with expiration.Deleting mmf.sys form x:\windows\system directory solves the problem.If you can't delete this file in windows, boot to dos and delete it or kick rundll32.exe process with Procdump and try to delete again.

    Hope this information helps

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