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Thread: # free IDA-Pro training

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    # free IDA-Pro training

    I offer you 10-day free IDA-Pro/Soft-Ice/Syser/OllyDbg/GDB training included, but not restricted to:* IDA Pro fundamentals;* IDA Pro idc-scripts basics;* IDA Pro plug-ins (how to write);* Disassembling trickily programs;* Disassembling Java/.NET byte-code;* Disassembling a custom VM byte-code;* Anti-disassemblering tricks (how to defeat);* Manual unpacking packed exe/dll/elf (NT/Linux/BSD);* Writing your own scripts/plug-ins to automate unpacking;* The [...]

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    Quite an unrealistic offer really

    By reading your profile on your blog it seems you have quite a lot of experience in reversing. Its a really good offer but i don't understand what makes you do it for free.

    Update : read the thread mentioned below
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    You will find some further discussion about this here:
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