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Thread: lARP v2.0 Ultra

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    Exclamation lARP v2.0 Ultra

    I uploaded an unpackme from my own protector, Ultra version.
    Though lARP v2.0 Ultra supports compression, I haven't done so for this UnpackMe.

    I added quite a lot of features in comparison with Lite, Standard and Pro versions. It might have become harder to unpack but that's why I coded in a messagebox + exit (warning for debugging or VM), which should be an excellent point of attack. The real stuff doesn't have this messagebox nor exit though (See previous versions).

    Unpack and tell me about its flaws.

    I want to explicitly thank my buddy jstorme for providing me with ideas, testing on x64 and to always have kept pushing me over the edge. I would not have continued this as far as I did without you my friend. Thanks.

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Thank you for the unpackme and for stopping by, lena.

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