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Thread: The VMware VIX API

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    The VMware VIX API

    Virtual machines can be quite helpful reversing tools, and as they get more advanced, their usefulness and importance will increase even more I would guess (really looking forward to the new Unity mode in VMware 6.5, and what might follow from it!).

    The VMware VIX API ( is a nice interface to script VMware operations from other programs (the first baby steps towards ring -1, wee ).

    Apridgen just released updated Python bindings for it too, if anyone would be interested in that:,_Python_Bindings_for_the_VMWare_VIX_SDK
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    A word of warning before you upgrade to Workstation 6.0.3:

    So, there is no way to launch a GUI program under Windows Vista at this time, unless you roll your installation back to Workstation 6.0.2.
    We are working on a mechanism that will allow VIX clients to use the guest user's session, but I can't give a date for when this will be available.
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