Hi 90h,

I tried padding my dumped (TRW PEDUMP) file up to 70080h with zeroes, then adding a new section of size 85029 which contained the bitmap and other resource info. That's how I got the Apply Memory Changes and About buttons to show, but it's crap, not a good solution and the file is over 900k in size.

The Splash screen is a separate class in itself (Afx:400000) which uses a SetTimer value of EA60 (60000 msec) to destroy itself if you don't click on it. It's created within a CreateDialogIndirectParamA call which also creates the rest of the controls. Beforehand it's control class is registered with GetClassInfoA and RegisterClassA.

This all falls apart in the dumped file, GetClassInfoA on the Splash screen class fails and of course it's never created. I'm trying to figure out where in memory the program is looking for certain information. I don't know if the answer lies just with adding and correcting the pointers to that 'resource' dump, or whether there's a problem in the .crypt section as well.