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Thread: Reverse Engineering Position- TS/SCI Required

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    Reverse Engineering Position- TS/SCI Required

    I am looking for a little bit of help. Are any of you interested or know someone who might be interested in the position listed below. If so please contact me at!

    JOB DESCRIPTION: Reverse Engineer
    Work as a member of the Applied Technology Unit (ATU) of the Joint Task Force for Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO), located in Arlington, VA. Essential Functions: Work with debuggers and disassembles to perform reverse engineering, forensic examinations, and system reviews.

    REQUIRED SKILLS: Minimum of 5+ years of experience, including extensive DoD / federal government experience. Skilled in Olly Dbg, IDA Pro, Soft ICE, Linux gdb/ Assembly, C/C++. Good understanding of operating system internals, low level and high level software concepts, and an understanding of the various types of malicious code (i.e trojans, worms, toolkits etc.). Can work with minimal guidance. skilled in the use of system monitoring tools like regmon, filemon, process explorer, process monitor etc.


    REQUIRED CLEARANCE: Candidate must have DOD TS/SCI clearance

    LOCATION: Arlington, VA

    Heather Oldham
    Resource Manager

    Tel: 954-566-4771
    Fax: 954-208-0227
    Ranked #2 on the Washington Technology Fast 50 List for 2007
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    heh, feds? /me puts on his tin foil hat and hides in the corner...

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    Didn't know the feds let their RE people work outside of govt circles...

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    who knows what the feds do nowadays..... digital terrorism... bleh

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    The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once. [A. Einstein]

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    For Laughs or Warnings:

    I learned from a friend that this Forum used to be in the Federal Watched/Restricted access lists under the rubric:
    "Criminal Skills Site".

    Alas, it is not anymore. . .

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    One must wonder how many of us are on a "list"... and if anything will be done about that.

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    One may safely "assume" that a great many governments, and alot of private organizations are devoting a great deal of time and resourses to working on both "offensive" and "defensive" consideration of cyber attacks. Since much of the world's information flow and financial transactions take place on the Net, it simply makes logical sense that those who rely on it would consider how to make it more secure and that those who always are planning for a "worst case" circumstance are considering how they might prevent an attack on their own facilities and/or how they might disable those of other nations and/or organizations should the "need" to do so arise.

    Such "prior planning" and "preventative" investigations are nearly always going on in vary many places around the world and occasionally "Testing" of such efforts are instituted to "probe" the systems of "the others." many such "incidents" occur and only some of them are reported.


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    I'm on a list alright ... a mailing list ... I and a bunch of other people recieved that email yesterday morning, except the required skills said

    Minimum of 10+ years of hard core experience, including extensive DoD / federal government experience.
    I do wonder how many people with a TS/SCI clearance and ten years experience reversing read woodmann ... post anonymously if you're out there.

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    Wait! I thought it would be "required" reading for such people!


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    Oh, woodmann certainly contains a huge amount of information that's worth reading; I was more wondering _how many_ people with those qualifications that there are in the world. 50? 500? 5000? We shall never know the answer.

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    TS/SCI? Wazzat? nvm, prolly can't talk about it
    Last edited by rendari; March 18th, 2008 at 17:19.

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    I recall when Daniel Elsberg released "The Pentagon Papers" about how the U.S. got more involved in the Viet Nam War.

    As a "fallout" of his "Top Secret" clearance and publication of a whole pile of "Top Secret" materials, there was a wholesale re-evaluation of security clearances and a whole bunch of people were "downgraded" from "Top Secret" to a much narrower classification of merely "Secret." At the time, there was some question of whether such people were going to be allowed to see any of the files in their own file cabinets, since a great deal of them were stamped "Top Secret."

    There was talk about creating a rubber stamp which proclaimed, in capital letters: "FOR IDIOT EYES ONLY...TEAR UP BEFORE READING!!!"

    It could be quite humorous what rated a "Top Secret" stamp.

    The military mind can be a beautiful thing.


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