I did start the project, designing the pcb in Eagle and when I decided to order the components, I did some mathematics and found out that it would get way cheaper and less troublesome to buy a evaluation kit from FTDI.

So after receiving the kit I started by disassembling the router, found the serial connector and after some wiring trial and error I got the serial to work.
The following is the serial console log.

LZMA 4.05

Quantum v1.01
Allocatable memory starts @ 0x53b900, end @ 0x1000000
No, or invalid, configuration information in EEPROM - trying FLASH

<NOTASK>: WARNING - output to NULL stream (is IO library initialized?)
No, or invalid, configuration information in FLASH
Invalid configuration information
DR834V201R002 version (25th June 2005)
BSP: Argon 4x2 RD BSP v1.0
CSP: Argon 4x1 CSP v1.0 (ISOS 9.0)
Copyright (c) 2004-2006 Hangzhou Huawei-3Com Technology Co., Ltd. All rights Reserved.
*                                    *
*                                    *
*   Release :Sep 30 2006 11:32:16    *
*                                    *
*                                    *

NP software version is 0x00000900 (reply took 7us)
SNMP Research EMANATE/Lite Agent Version
webserver:No ports found

 !!!!!!!!! No users are configured with sufficient access to create other
 !WARNING! users, so this UART session is being logged in automatically with
 !!!!!!!!! sufficient access.

No wonder the router was bricked, the firmware running is for the DR834 vpn router.
I'm in the process of checking commands and what they do, but I didn't find anything useful for flashing the router with the correct firmware.

If anyone as something on how to flash firmware with this type of router feel free to post,
Best regards, saphex.