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Thread: New Hex-Rays Demo

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    New Hex-Rays Demo

    This has been online for a while now, I just had no time to announce it properly: a new thourough demo of the decompiler by, our US distributor:
    This demo is not just a teaser like the previous one. It is much deeper and shows many decompiler aspects in detail: it starts with the plugin configuration, shows a couple of simple decompilation cases, and then moves on to more complex functions. If you wondered how to improve the resulting pseudocode and handle typical cases, this video is for you!

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    *sigh* crazy world.

    Tho honestly, I prefer Olly to everything because I like the "feel" of being able to see every aspect of your code's execution. Hell, when I was writing a .NET app yesterday I was debugging the Jit'd native code with Olly 0o. Wasn't pretty, but after your brain "adjusts" its smooth sailing, and I was able to figure out what was happening and where my data was getting corrupted

    Tho I guess Hexrays is useful for big boy RCE projects, and industrial/military level reverse engineering. Then again, people with that much cash usually don't need hexrays....

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