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I am bringing my UMPC which has a solid state harddrive, Has anyone experienced any issues with this type of harddrive and airport security? I believed there was something somewhere about it where the airport screeners where having problem differiencing a solid state hardrive and a explosive device.
I worked at the Vancouver airport for a while. In Vancouver, there is an 'oversize' belt for delicate devices. You have to specify that your luggage contains fragile stuff and ask them to put it on the 'oversize' luggage belt. It goes straight downstairs and is taken off by hand and loaded by hand.

If you load your machine on the regular baggage system, it is kicked off at it's destination by violent contraptions that send it flying in the air. It lands somewhere down a chute with a big thud. The contraptions are called 'kickers' and some are shaped like a snowplow. They do kick your bags off, sometimes violently. Baggage occasionally gets caught in them too and gets squeezed pretty badly.

About security. If you have trouble with a customs official, don't argue or get stupid. Ask politely for a supervisor. Many customs agents and security personnel add their own little rules which can go above and beyond the actual rules. If they are being stupid, ask for a supervisor.

Vancouver has X'Ray detection in place for baggage and I'm sure Montreal has it. I'm not exactly sure how X'Rays would affect the electronics in your device, but unless you explain to them what it is, it will no doubt be X'Rayed. I strongly recommend contacting any airports ahead of your travel to see how you should deal with your equipment.

The X'Ray scanners are designed to detect explosives, but they are only part of an extensive process. There are several levels of bomb detection, and if they suspect your equipment, they can put you through the wringer. It all comes down to the guy looking at the X'Rayed baggage on a screen. If he is not sure, he'll send it on to the end of the line and you'll be called down there to open it yourself. If they still are not sure, you could be detained for who knows how long.

Having said all that, I'm sure many people travel with devices similar to your. There is probably a standard way of dealing with them. I wouldn't wait till you're at the airport to find out.