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Thread: SoftICE Installation.

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    If I'm not remembering wrong, there was even a SoftICE music player plugin once, to remedy the "lack of music" problem...
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    Finally got Softice to work in a VM
    Initially i tried Virtual PC but it did not work than tried Parallels VM but it doesnot support Softice
    finally tried VMWARE and it worked without any hassle at all
    In terms of performance Virtual PC seems to be the works Parallels was better but VMWARE is the best and i guess everybody knows it.

    Maybe i can make a video tutorial if anybody needs it.
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    [Maybe i can make a video tutorial if anybody needs it.]

    It is a really good idea!!!
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    I was trying a whole day to get SoftICE working, but i finally gave up. I have GeForce 8800, XP SP2 and the best i can get is freeze on CTRL-D without softice window (and unfreeze on pressing CTRL-D again). I even found an explanation on some russian server, why it can't work. Then i started playing with VMWare, but it was the same - I tried DS 3.1, DS 3.2 and various configurations in VMWare (with or without VMware tools, etc.). Most of the time, it was freeze without softice window, sometimes I couldn't start softice at all and once i managed to make softice window appear, but I wasn't able to replicate it later.

    I'm not some noob, I was using softice heavily few years ago. Now I have more time and I returned to reversing and I can't make it working :-(

    If someone here has similar configuration like me and working softice, what versions of vmware and softice are you using?

    Oh, and then I tried to make WinDbg working with VMWare (with help of whatever I could find, like this: It almost worked, but I'm still missing something. I'm able to connect to a named pipe, but that's all. Windbg just waits and I can't do anything (once I even crashed VMWare, but that was all):

    Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.8.0004.0 X86
    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Opened \\.\pipe\com_1
    Waiting to reconnect...
    Anyone had this problem?

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    Just a few considerations when installing Softice + VMWare, in case they were missed.

    To start with, the official DS3.2.1 patch should be used (when installing version 3.2.1 of course). Since it's no longer available from the Compuware ftp site I uploaded it to the CRCETL, which I think should be OK:

    Also make sure to follow all the hints in [yAtEs] Post #1 above, including the links, particularly to set these lines in the .vmx file:

    vmmouse.present = FALSE
    svga.maxFullscreenRefreshTick = 5

    Both of these lines are described in the Using Softice.pdf manual.

    If you still can't get the Softice window to show, you can try looking at the debug messages which are logged to the history file on loading, you might get some clue. To do this open the Softice Symbol Loader, Loader32.exe, and select File/Save SoftICE History As.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hnedka View Post
    I was trying a whole day to get SoftICE working, but i finally gave up. I have GeForce 8800, XP SP2 and the best i can get is freeze on CTRL-D without softice window (and unfreeze on pressing CTRL-D again). I even found an explanation on some russian server, why it can't work.
    The Russian site is wrong. I've had ice with IceExt working perfectly on XP with SP2 for a long time, mouse too. It started acting up when I added the updates for SP2, so I took them all off, including SP2, then I reloaded SP2 and nothing else. Ice has worked fine since. I'm using a router with a built in firewall and Sygate firewall ver 5.6 build 3408. I don't need Msoft hole stuffers.

    The first thing to do is remove the X from the INIT command in winice.dat. When ice loads, the DOS-like window will come up with any error code it encounters. You will probably figure out what's wrong by reading the errors. If the DOS-like window doesn't come up, you probably have a video problem. If you're using USB keyboard and mouse, that can be a problem, but I use both and ice works fine. If you're using anything by Symantec, get rid of it.

    I have written plenty on this problem on RCE, and there is excellent advice from others. The solution is there if you have the patience.

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    Thanks guys!! It's finally working on VMWare. I will make some tweaking and then I will write small step by step tutorial for people, who could have same problem like me.

    The key thing was probably installing 3.2.1 update, which I didn't do before.

    EDIT: another interesting thing - when I set softice to start after boot, it doesn't work (and can't be started manually even after boot). I have to set at least starting with system and start it manually, but it's OK for me.
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    Here is a small tutorial for installing SoftICE on VMWare (versions - DS 3.2.1, VMWare 6, WinXP SP 2):

    1) Install VMWare, start new project, configure it (increase memory if you want; increase number of processors, if you have more than one; configure CD-ROM (you will need one for installing Win); configure serial port etc.). Exit VMWare, go to your image directory (usually in documents/ My Virtual Machines/your_system), open *.vmx file and add these two lines:

    vmmouse.present = FALSE
    svga.forceTraces = "TRUE"
    Note: first line doesn't mean, your mouse will not work

    Save and start VMWare.

    2) Make a snapshot! Start virtual machine, installation should begin, so do what is needed. After OS starts, do some tweaks you need to do and install VMWare Tools (from VMWare menu outside of VM). Configure file sharing and share some directory (place Service Pack 2, Driver Studio etc. there) . Restart. Increase screen resolution. If you didn't have SP2 integrated, install it now, but without later updates (I have updates till 3/2007 and it works fine). Restart.

    3) Now make another snapshot in case something goes wrong. Don't take this lightly. Install Driver Studio 3.2. Install 3.2.1 update from here:

    Start "Settings" from start menu and make some changes:

    Startup - set Manual or Automatic. For me, Boot doesn't work at all and System works the same way as Manual. You can change it later.
    Settings - if you plan on remote debugging, all checked
    General - paste this as initialization string:
    "lines 60;ws 5;wc 25;wd 6;set font 2;color 03 4e 4e 1b 1b;x;"
    (taken from yates's post); increase video memory size to 4096
    Serial debugging - if you plan on remote debugging, mae some changes here, more about it in second post here:
    Mouse - should be set automatically, no need to turn it off (VMWare emulates type of mouse you need)
    Video - use "Universal Video Driver". When you click on Test, it should say "Softice Universal Video Driver test completed successfully".

    You may need to edit other things, if you plan on serial debugging, more here in second post:

    4) Restart and pray, that it will work. Start Softice and if you see familiar window, it should be OK. Now make another snapshot and make final changes and whatever you wish.


    BTW, after Xth reinstallation of WinXP, my WinDbg started to work correctly
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