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    Question SoftICE problem

    Hello guys

    I'm new in Debuging,and i'm using softICE of the Drivestudio 3.2 (i ignore which version of SoftICE on tis pack, and i would like to know)
    Two problem: i followed the Document "The big howto of softICE"
    - I have a problem with the mouse that i couldn't fix it., so i disable it.
    - and when I start softice, i noticed that the processor work ~100% when i cheked wich process was consuming all that it was some times Rundll32.exe and another time it was another exe file (i don't remeber it) and even if i try to kill the process it never stop and the onely issue was to shut down the computer

    so please could some one figure out why? i don't think this is normal

    I run SoftICE on Laptop HP 510 : Windows XP SP2

    *another question: there is some Programs that detect the softICE and display a message that telling that he couldn't run with SoftICE installed on the machine for example Skype or DAP.

    Is there a solution to hide the presence of this debugger for these application or we mus crack this problem(leave the part that look for the presence of SoftICE).

    finely i think you very well guys for the help that you are supplying. this is the Spirit of Internet.
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    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drneo View Post
    - I have a problem with the mouse that i couldn't fix it., so i disable it.
    It's hard to answer your questions because problems like mouse/keyboard problems and memory usage could be due to other drivers loaded in memory. Each system has it's own drivers and it comes down to finding out what is going on in your system. Some people run sice in a VM.

    If the mouse is frozen when you first enter sice, try tracing for one step to see if it becomes active. It will probably freeze again when you exit sice, but I had that problem and it got fixed by uninstalling the hotfixes and reloading SP2. I think I might have upgraded the Logitech mouse drivers as well. Also, one version of Sygate firewall caused problems with the mouse. Try disabling virus checkers and firewalls. You may even have to uninstall them to check effectively, or at least make sure the drivers are completely disabled.

    Try entering 'softice' or 'softice mouse', without the quotes, in the search engine above. You'll find lots of stuff on sice in there. Try different kinds of PS2 etc.

    Sice detection, when sice is not active, is usually another app reading the registry to see if sice is installed. You'll have to find what method is used.

    I solved all of my sice problems by removing all upgrades and hotfixes, including SP2, then reloading SP2 by itself. After uninstalling the hotfixes, etc., I did a 'repair install' of XP that got me back to basic windows before SP1. The SP2 upgrade covers SP1, so it doesn't have to be reloaded.There is also a lot of info in the search engine about how to configure sice for SP2, etc.

    If you reload SP2, and get 'access denied' errors, you'll have to change the permissions in your registry. Check Google for that and for more sice info.

    When sice first loads, it prints a log on it's screen about what it loaded and any problems it encountered while loading. You can save that log so you can examine it later. Quite often you get clues to what is wrong by reading the log.

    It's can be very tough to answer individual questions about specific systems. Also, questions like yours have been asked so often that many people get tired of answering the same old stuff. If you can be more specific with error messages, you stand a better chance of getting replies, or pointers about where to find the information you need.
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    thanks for your quick answer friend, bu you get me wrong .

    i read many tutorial on the forums to have it

    my mouse doesn't froz my computer but wen i try to move it it the cursor jump any where on softice screen and from window to another, even it opend menu on these windiows(i don't mean the OS just the english word) of softice(within the softice) the commands works well;
    *the seconde problem as i describ it is that after runing the softice( and swithing between softice and the program(no matter wich one) some priocesse load processor (99% UC like rundll32.exe) and the window become slow and sometimes give a bleu screen and i have to reboot.

    Ps : I use a laptop HP510: Pad Mouse with scrol
    i gusse that the probleme is the scroll

    I repeat that i have searched a lot about this but none of the problems was like mine, for both problems Moiuse and Processor Use.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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