I am a beginning reverser and am trying to reverse a program which is protected with flexlm v9.2.0.
The program is made out of several executable modules, which run independently from each other,
but all the modules use a shared directory which contains several dll`s
I already had an expired demo license with one feature line for each module, and changed the date to 2025.
When I start any of the modules, I get the well known bad boy message -8,130

From reading several flexlm essays, I learned that the following breakpoints need to be set in order to find important information:

_lc_checkout for features
_l_good_lic and _ln36_buff for the seeds

I loaded the vendor daemon into olly dbg and IDA, and used the following parameters -l -c c:\flexlm\license.lic
I used Gerbays plugin for lmgr9 signature recognition, but when I search inside IDA for _ln36_buff and _l_good_lic key program, I cannot find any of them.
Also noted that the shared directory contains a vendor compiled lmgr9a.dll file with the name lmgr9a_xxx.dll, (where xxx stands for the vendor name)
From the essays I understood that dynamically linked libraries were abandoned after version 6, and that nowadays only statically linked libraries are used.
When I look in Ollydbg's executable module window the lmgr9a_xxx.dll is not listed which tells me that the executable does not use this dll.
So if this is the case, what is the purpose of this dll? Furthermore another program of the same vendor, which is using flexlm 11.3, also has this lmgr9a_xxx.dll in the shared directory, which really puzzles me?

I am also struggling with trying to learn the ins and outs of both IDA and Ollydbg, and am not sure which program is better for debugging?

For instance when I load one of the executables into Olly & IDA, and run the debuggers, IDA will run and break once the badboy message pops up, but Olly dbg refuses to show this pop-up window after breaking.

Maybe some of you guys think that I didn't do my homework, but believe me I did! I read a lot essays, but I am just struggling and need some help with the above flexlm questions and some good practical tips on how to best use IDA & Olly, in particularly with setting breakpoints, and what to look for