Just some quick news of a new update to L. Spiro's Memory Hacking Software, discussed in this thread. It's now at version v 5.001 Updated (10:29 PM 7/23/2008). The CRCETL entry has already been updated.


The new features include:

The Sub Search dialog now allows all expressions as valid input.
Fixed a crash in the Code Filter “Highlight by Expression” feature related to using the [] operators.
Added support for Windows® Vista® SP1. Thanks to Napalm of http://www.rohitab.com/ for the EPROCESS definition.
Fixed the for ( ; CONSTANTVALUE; ) bug in the scripts.
Holding Shift while moving the caret with the arrow keys now causes the selection to change in the Hex Editor.
The Code Filter is more stable while single-stepping and opening a process for debug.
# prefix added to the Expression Evaluator to indicate a number should be evaluated as a decimal number. Applies to the Auto-Assembler, which defaults to treating all numbers as hexadecimal.
Added the CaptureScreen function to the scripts.
Added the CallLocalFunction, LoadLibrary, LoadLibraryEx, FreeLibrary, and GetModuleHandle functions to the scripts.