Immunity is proud to announce: Immunity Debugger v1.4 "veni, vidi, pwn"

We would like to express our appreciation for the enormous amount of
contributions, feedback and requests we receive daily from the Immunity
Debugger community at

Our TODO list seems infinite but we are getting the most requested
features out there for you guys.

New in this release: a proper process detach, a Second Pass Analysis
which will soon grow into better argument/local variable recognitions
and a new Silent Mode for batch scripts.

Last but not least, we have included a collection of new scripts
including a lot of contributions from forum regular Bob (, and and the contest winning plugin from JMS
(Instead of a candle dinner with Kostya, he received a brand new job as
a Developer on the CANVAS team).

Thanks for using Immunity Debugger! We hope you enjoy this month's
release, Check out the Changelog below for more detailed information.

You can upgrade your current Immunity Debugger by going to Help/Update
or directly downloading the new installer from

Team Immunity

PS: Feedback, Requests, Scripts and Cool Screenshots are always
welcome at

1.40 Build 0

New Features:

- Debugger Core:
o Added Silent Debugging Flag [accesible via Debugging options ALT-O or via immlib]
o Added Analysis Second Pass [Decoding Functions]

- Debugger GUI Core:
o Now you can add headers + other useful information on every Row
displayed at the Disasm Window. The information will be saved
as part of dump struct.
o Dettach option added to File Menu: Go to File -> Dettach [You need to be attached to
gray out Dettach]

- Debugger GUI:
o Right click on disasm line -> Add Header will add headers to your line

- Immunity Debugger API:
o Row Headers / Adding Lines to CPU
- Added imm.addHeader() and imm.getHeader() methods.
- imm.addLine behaves like addHeader()
- Added imm.removeHeader()/imm.removeLine() && imm.getHeader()/imm.getLine()
- Added imm.getTraceArgs()

o Added imm.goSilent() method.
o Added imm.undecorateName() method: Undecorate symbol names
o Added imm.Dettach() method: Dettach current process from debugger
o Added imm.prepareForNewProcess() method: Prepare Debugger core for a fresh start
o Updated BoB's UserDB.txt (

- PyCommands:
o Added : a simple samplescript that uses imm.addHeader to name
functions in module
o Added find User supplied arguments into a given function.
o Added JMS's Mike & Boo script
o User Contributed PyCommands:
- BoB (
* (
* (
* (

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed error when adding knowledge and changing python enviroments later.
(__dict__ not accesible in restricted mode error)