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Thread: Direct3D 9 Hook v1.1

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    Direct3D 9 Hook v1.1

    By popular demand, I’ve updated the Direct3D 9 Hooking Sample to accommodate Windows Vista. The same binary should work on both Vista and XP. I’ve only tested it on Vista 64-bit, so it’d be nice to know if it works with Vista 32 or not.

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    Nice! (and funny screenshot too )

    Btw, did you ever upgrade the hooks according to what was discussed here previously (

    Thanks for updating its entry in the CRCETL too.
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    Incidentally, I have a post on exactly that vTable method scheduled for Wednesday. I was on the verge of using it for this application, but decided not to as it requires an initialised object to work. If you've ever used Direct3D you'll know that there's a fair amount of work involved in creating an IDirect3DDevice9 object and moreover a visible window is required. Shame, really.

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    Nice post
    Still here...

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