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Thread: PE question - Subsystem Environments

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    PE question - Subsystem Environments

    On another (non-reversing) forum, someone was asking about the difference between a DOS application and a Win32 console application. I answered his question, but also kind of sidetracked into the history of Windows environment subsystems and the support (or lack thereof) that Windows has/had for POSIX and OS/2. This lead me to take a deeper look at the Subsystem field in the PE optional header. I consulted the PECOFF Specification v8.0 (dated May 16, 2006), which as far as I know is the latest version. It gives the following decimal values for this field:

    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_UNKNOWN                    0  An unknown subsystem
    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_NATIVE                     1  Device drivers and native Windows processes
    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_GUI                2  The Windows graphical user interface (GUI) subsystem
    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_CUI                3  The Windows character subsystem
    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_POSIX_CUI                  7  The Posix character subsystem
    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_CE_GUI             9  Windows CE
    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_EFI_APPLICATION           10  An Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) application
    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_EFI_BOOT_ SERVICE_DRIVER  11  An EFI driver with boot services
    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_EFI_RUNTIME_ DRIVER       12  An EFI driver with run-time services
    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_EFI_ROM                   13  An EFI ROM image
    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_XBOX                      14  XBOX
    An old copy of the Win32 SDK that I have also lists:

    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_OS2_CUI                    5  OS/2 CUI subsystem
    MSDN confirms that and also adds:

    Apparently that's a Vista thing.

    Several web pages also listed:

    IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_NATIVE_WINDOWS             8  Native Windows 9x Driver
    I can't find any information to support that assertion, though. As far as I know, VXD files are always in LE format, not PE. And real-mode drivers for Win 9x are DOS MZ format.

    My question -- purely for historical curiosity -- is what the values 4, 6, and 8 were used for, if anything. And for that matter, 15. It looks like they skipped it recently, but I'm not sure why. If 2 is Windows GUI and 3 is Windows CUI, I would speculate that 4 might have been reserved for OS/2 GUI and 6 might be POSIX GUI. I can't find any document that claims to know what these values would indicate.

    Using them causes Windows to display "The <binary> application cannot be run in Win32 mode", which is what it does for pretty much anything other than 2 or 3. Amusingly, if you set the value to 7 (POSIX CUI), Windows will tell you that the executable file doesn't exist!
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    I don't know much about historical Windows architecture, but I've seen enough of the Win32 API to believe that such codes bear little or no significance. Very often, individual bits carry certain implications but deducing importance from missing values in a sequence is generally misguided. The details of these enumerations are presumably relics of the instantaneous frame-of-mind of whichever developer was responsible for creating them at the time, so unless somebody here has good evidence to the contrary, I'd suggest you forget about this altogether .
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