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Thread: Byte patching issue

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    well i havent used ida linux much but try using objdump

    for example
    this could fetch all the rel calls and thier opcodes

     objdump -d /bin/ls  -j .text -M intel | grep 'call' | grep 'e8' | more
     80499ac:       e8 3f fd ff ff          call   0x80496f0
     80499b8:       e8 00 00 00 00          call   0x80499bd
     8049a40:       e8 bb 65 fb f7          call   0x0
     8049a92:       e8 39 fb ff ff          call   0x80495d0
     8049ab0:       e8 db fd ff ff          call   0x8049890
     8049ad2:       e8 f9 fa ff ff          call   0x80495d0
     8049b00:       e8 0b fa ff ff          call   0x8049510
     8049b71:       e8 4a f9 ff ff          call   0x80494c0
     8049b8f:       e8 9c fb ff ff          call   0x8049730
     8049c04:       e8 e7 b7 00 00          call   0x80553f0
     8049cb8:       e8 03 aa 00 00          call   0x80546c0
     8049cdc:       e8 2f 7e 00 00          call   0x8051b10
     8049d03:       e8 68 fb ff ff          call   0x8049870
     8049d17:       e8 44 a9 00 00          call   0x8054660
     8049d45:       e8 26 fb ff ff          call   0x8049870

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    Hi Naides,

    That is some really good work. It all makes sense and I agree, patching calls is probably not a good idea for elf libraries.
    Cool. Thanks for the great investigation.


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