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Thread: Better user interface for decompiler

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    Better user interface for decompiler

    We are glad to release a new version of the Hex-Rays decompiler! Highlights of this build:
    • improved usability
    • support for unusual calling conventions
    • better handling of obfuscated code
    The most important improvement is the user interface. Now the decompiler is at your fingertips at all times, the same way as the graph view. Remember that you can toggle graph-text views in IDA with one keyboard hit? For the decompiler you can use the Tab key: it toggles between the disassembly and pseudocode views.

    For those of you who prefer to see both the decompiler output and disassembler output in the same window, we added the "copy to disassembly" command. It just does what its names says: copies the pseudocode text to the disassembly window. You can see both outputs simultaneously: mapping of low level assembly idioms to high level constructs is made as transparent as possible.

    With this build, you will be able to open multiple pseudocode windows. This will be especially useful for long functions: just open a separate window for each called function by Ctrl-double clicking on function names. The long function will stay intact in its own window and you won't lose time by reanalyzing it upon each return.

    One more command to handle code complexity: ability to hide parts of code. The new hide/unhide command allows you to collapse a multiline statement into just one line. Collapsing unimportant sub-statements reveals the global structure of the decompiled function.

    We also added other things to make the life easier: the command to jump to xrefs, better status line information, support for the __spoiled keyword, and more heuristic rules to the analyzer.

    Here's a short video:

    The detailed list of changes can be accessed here

    Nice analysis!

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    That is wicked cool.
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    One can always use a "better" interface!


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    Hope the boys at YAG are taking action... :P

    heh heh heh!!

    Have Phun
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