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Thread: ProtectionId 6.0 BETA Public XMAS Preview

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    ProtectionId 6.0 BETA Public XMAS Preview

    PID v6.0 Public XMAS BETA

    <CDKiLLER & TippeX>

    after 10 months of development,
    we are proud to bring you this xmas gift.
    the first public beta of the new v6

    we tried our hardest to bring you a useful,powerful tool.
    since development, this concept has mushroomed into v6
    which now has a lot of extra functionality compared to v5.
    this is the results of all our hard work... we hope you like it

    BUT remember it still is a BETA and can contain bugs
    (thou we gave our best to fix them all in this xmas build).

    grab it from or use the update function within v5.2c.
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    Looks lovely, I'll give it a go!
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    new version release 6.1.3 - same homepage..

    happy christmas
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    Hehe this tool now is used to come in Christmas as a gift... Nice.
    Maybe you should change your nick to Santa Claus (just kidding!!!).

    Many thanks for your good work.

    And happy new year to all!


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    if "Scan">"Single File" -> does nothing.
    while DragDrop works.

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    hmm, can't say i've encountered that one myself, if you have the log filter turned on, and the file has no protection there will be no output..
    drag + drop uses the same portion of code as scan->single file, so it one works the other one should ... strange, is your system unicode?

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    Thanks, I updated its CRCETL entry too:

    This is a nice tool indeed.
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    yeh, but is it setup for unicode (ie: russian, chinese, etc..)..

    has the folder you are trying to scan from got unicode characters in it etc?
    have you enabled scan on demand in the configuration?
    is the queue window paused somehow?

    (you're the only person so far to report this... )

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    ok, just look in Sice:
    GetOpenFileNameA returns 0

    (also i see, its struct is unaligned to dwords)


    i sow> in struct @nMaxFile = 40000h
    then i changed it to 260 & all now works!


    EDIT3: ya, stupid check in comdlg32..
    it takes only low WORD from size dword!
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    Hello evlncrn8:

    I have found a little error on identifying the version for these targets:

    American McGee's Grimm Bundle
    from trygames (all are AM v6.3.562).

    [!] ActiveMARK v6.1.335 protected !
    In other targets of v6.3.562 it works perfectly. Good work!

    Best regards


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    @evaluator -> damn will fix the openfilename thing asap, damned buffer thing, maybe a service pack fixes it, good old m$,thanks evaluator, struct unaligned shouldn't matter, because windows will move it a->w style if i remember right (edit. it does)...

    i've now changed the buffer size to 0xFFFF, should do the job, it was increased for the multiple file selection portion, i dont think it was increased after the xmas 2007 beta though, odd, odd odd

    @nacho_dj -> cheers, i'll pass that one on to cdkiller, he checks all that stuff

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    but.. why you need so big ansi-buffer? are so long names in protections?

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    well it was for multiple files selection (same buffer is used for single file or multiple files), idea was to have a largeish buffer
    so that if someone selected *lots* of files in one folder (where each one could have a max size of 260 bytes) * amount of files selected
    so that the getopenfilename wouldn't fail... seems that idea bit me in the ass with your xp with no service pack (i suspect its fixed
    with a service pack though, because if it didn't im sure i would have heard about the issue a long time before this)...

    curious though, why don't / won't you install the service packs?

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    not becouse this (but think) : clean XP has nX num of holes!

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