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Thread: A framework to take the tedium out of code-injection in C++

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    A framework to take the tedium out of code-injection in C++

    I know I’ve been banging on about injection a lot recently, but I figured a good way to pinch off would be to present some code. After searching and failing, I took it upon myself to write a reusable C++ class to do most of the leg-work for Windows XP/2000/Vista32 DLL injection and hooking. The source is available on the project page.

    The process of remote function hooking via a DLL is notoriously messy, so I’ve tried to encapsulate as much of the mess as possible into a C++ class. Here’s an example of some client code that injects a DLL into Windows Calculator, then installs two hooks (one by name and another by address):

    // Create the injection objectDLLInjection injection("E:/Temp/HookDLL.dll");
    // Find Calc.exe by its window
    DWORD process_id = injection.GetProcessIDFromWindow(    "SciCalc",    "Calculator");
    // Inject the DLL
    HMODULE remote_module = injection.InjectDLL(process_id);
    // Hook a DLL function
    (User32!SetWindowTextW)HDLLHOOK swtw_hook = injection.InstallDLLHook(    "C:/Windows/System32/User32.dll",    "SetWindowTextW",    "SetWindowTextHookW");
    // Hook a function manually
    (Calc!0100F3CF)HDLLHOOK manual_hook = injection.InstallCodeHook(    reinterpret_cast<void*> (00100F3CF),    “SomeOtherHook”);
    // Remove the hooks
    Testing has been limited so don’t be surprised to find bugs. If you do find any, please report them via email or comment.

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    Cool, nice work.
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    Interesting project. Should be useful to our readers as well!


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    Very interesting. After all, it's C++ Great...

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