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Thread: The secret project finally revealed...

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    The secret project finally revealed...

    After spending most of my available spare time for the majority of this past year on a secret project which I've hoped will be of great benefit for the entire reversing community, I'm finally today quite proud to be able to present to you all:

    The Collaborative RCE Tool Library

    For more introductory information about this project and what it's for, please see the following forum thread:

    And for further discussions about it, this is its official forum thread:

    I hope you will all enjoy it, I sure know I will!

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    Since dELTA has shamelessly posted the "announcement" of his crowning achievement in three different places, I will keep up with his prodigious efforts, by posting an equal number of congratulatory comments.

    P.S. Please no one mention the forbidden phrase, or anything resembling the words "what took you so long" as we welcome his "baby" into the full light of the RCE world at large.

    All kidding aside, congratulations on a great project!


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