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    This is the part one, spanish only, but have plenty of imagenes is very easy and basic, really is a tutorial of scripting in python, with the help of WING debugging the script.

    And Immunity debugger is a great tool, the add of python scripting, give more power to the posibilities of the scripts, thanks to the authors of ID, continue this good work.

    Ricardo Narvaja

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    Yes, the adware-infested phone-home brother of OllyDbg with s/OllyDbg/ImmDbg done to it
    You do seem to know English decently enough, why not provide an English version so you can reach a wider audience (that includes me)?

    Also... why is the file 18MB compressed?

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    Well i give you my response with good mood(hehe)

    Do you see a english author traslate your work to spanish for make my life easy? (NOT)

    I have the work of traslate any web page and any english tutorial of the web (90% of the web in a extrange language for me)
    I have the work of investigate and write the tut, and you tell me i have more work, translate the tutorial to other language (not known for me, i need a english teacher and lot of hours of learning) for avoid the english readers don't have translate one time in the life a tutorial with 80% imagenes and 20% text?
    The english readers have 90% of the web in your native language and not have the work of translate nothing
    Spanish and others language readers, have the work of translate all the webs and tuts always.
    Do you tell me i need work more, for help english readers, one or two times in the life when they need translate?
    The english readers not need translate my tut, is not necesary, and is not important, and can choice not read the tut and so on, and i need my time for read, learn and write more tuts, and not waste my time for make lazy other people, jajaja.

    I have not time for english lessons, and maybe you have not time for translate my tut.(only press the translate button in a program)
    For english readers is easy, only navigate the web in english (90%) and have the life easy without translating nothing, and while i put all my efforts in make more tuts.

    My tuts are translated to english, portuguese,chinese,russian and other languages but not by me, i need the time for learn more and more,i have little knowledge, and need make my tuts better and simples, understables for all people not only for crackers, this is the target of my tuts, the people without knowledge of cracking, not the lazies, jajaja.

    The tutorial is 18 megas, the reason i put a lot of images, for the people without knowledge can read more easy and understand, and translate with a program easy, and with the helps of the images understand.

    Ah, my tutorials are ugly, and very simples, i'm a selfish cracker, and not a professional, there are better tuts in english, and more confortables jajaja.

    I go to continue write the second part, bye bye.

    sorry for my bad english (i think a translate program in more understable, than i speaking or translating to english, hehe)

    Thanks for all
    Ricardo Narvaja
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    hmm i think 18 megas is very long i made many tutorials and nothing goes up to 3 megas, i think i change the image format without knowledge, and make more big, i go to reformat the images and up to my web again.


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    951-COMO CRACKEAR USANDO INMUNITY DEBUGGER Y WING.rar 10-Nov-2007 05:15 687k

    ready 700 k, i forgot delete the wing program (17 megas) and the crack, thanks.


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    Is this Woodmann's RCE Forums or CracksLatinos?

    You are obviously posting in English, and can understand my posts in English as well. This means you can read/write English well enough.
    The english readers have 90% of the web in your native language
    I'm not a native speaker of English (nor even a language that uses the Latin character set) as well. I learned English because it's what the Internet uses -- the minority adapts to the majority, not the other way around.
    The english readers not need translate my tut, is not necesary, and is not important, and can choice not read the tut
    Which brings us to the most important question: Why did you post a non-English tut in an English forum when you are (a) perfectly capable of using English and (b) not really wanting us to read it anyway?

    Remember, we are the audience (you've made that decision for us by posting that tut here); if you want to show your ideas, make it in a form that we can easily comprehend and show some confidence in doing so!

    i think a translate program in more understable, than i speaking or translating to english
    No, I understand you perfectly fine since you at least have a general idea of what you're trying to say; even though your grammar may be off the words still express the same meaning, unlike automated translators which tend to choose the wrong word completely.

    Good, the size is fixed now so I'll at least download and take a look, but I don't know Spanish so I can't comment on the content
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    i post here my tut, because there are readers in spanish in this forum, and i write the post in english because is not permitted post in spanish.
    And i post because other languages readers use translators programs, with no problem, for this reason my tuts have plenty of images, for help non spanish readers translate the tutorial with a translator and helping with the images.

    And i post the tutorial here, and are you the censor of this forum?, tell me what are your work here, if you want,download the tutorial and read, and if not pass to other post, and don't take attributes for moderate the forum.

    Thanks i don't reply you any more, i need my time for write tutes for other people than you.

    Ah i see reading your posts in this forum, you are the tipical named in argentina (hinchapelotas que no ayuda en nada), only disturbing and without make nothing for others, i have not time for lost time with lazy and only conflictive people.

    have you a good life

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    This is the Woodmann's RCE Forums, NOT the LLXX Forums!!

    Once again your have presumptuously assumed a role for YOURSELF on these Forums to which NO ONE has appointed YOU and which is a role you have been previously notified YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO PERFORM!

    YOU are NOT a Moderator or Administrator of these Forums! I realize it has not occurred to YOU yet, but YOU do NOT make either the Rules or the decisions HERE about what is permitted and/or appropriate.

    NONE of the Administrators or Moderators HERE has EVER appointed YOU, or EVER authorized YOU, to "judge" the "quality or sufficiency" of other people's posts on these Forums, or tell other Posters what they may or may not do HERE. That is OUR responsibility and decision to make and NOT YOURS!

    You are obviously a very highly knowledgeable person who has the capability to contribute very useful information about a wide range of subject matters relevant to these Forums.

    At the same time, you have repeatedly demonstrated that you suffer from a pronounced and quite obvious personality disorder which usually makes it impossible for you to resist a compulsion to attempt to demonstrate to everyone that you also believe that YOU hold some higher moral and/or intellectual powers which grants YOU the authority to dispense your "personal views" on the "quality" and/or "acceptability" of other people's posts on these Forums.

    Since you have been advised on these subjects more than once "in private" and have essentially ignored and “blown off” what you have been told by the Administration here, YOU have one more chance to "get it." This will be your "last" warning on this subject!

    Keep your "opinions" and “comments” about the "quality" and/or "propriety" of the Posts and/or the Posters TO YOURSELF!

    YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED, and therefore WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to express YOUR "personal" views and/or "opinions" on such subjects on these Forums in the future.

    If you continue to IGNORE this requirement, YOU will leave US no other choice but to prohibit YOU from posting on these Forums at all. It would be a shame to lose your wide range of knowledge because you are psychologically "unable” or simply "unwilling" to "moderate" your own behavior, but if YOU will NOT do so voluntarily, YOU FORCE US TO DO SO!


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    Hehe Ricardo, nice observation. Please don't mind LLXX though, and please keep coming back here with your great contributions.
    "Give a man a quote from the FAQ, and he'll ignore it. Print the FAQ, shove it up his ass, kick him in the balls, DDoS his ass and kick/ban him, and the point usually gets through eventually."

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    bravo!! que aprendan a hablar en cristiano, malditos hereges!!!

    and you, llxx, its time to find a boyfriend/girlfriend: your continuous bad mood is starting to spoil your excelent tech side

    your brother in christ,

    ps: ricardo, sos argentino? yo pense que eras espaņol... yo tbm soy argentino, pero vivo em brasil cosa de 30 aņos

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    si soy argentino de once, jeje.(yes i'm from argentina, from Onceville, jaja)

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    wow, i've been lurking this place for awhile and its about time i finally spoke up about this bullshit.

    someone makes a little suggestion to ricardo to write his tuts in english and you go all batshit insane on him and tell him to keep his opinions to himself?

    And DESU is too imbecile to realize what the fuck (s)he is talking about

    whatever happened to freedom of speech? oh right, we're in communist China where all you're supposed to do is suck up to your leaders or else they go all tiannemen square on you... and we all know what condition China is in now, right?

    If you think the USA is the center of freedom of speech, keep dreaming, idiot. In the US, at least in theory, you say what ever you want, but don't expect anyone to publish or provide a diffusion forum for your hideous speech.

    JMI, you think that that "Super Moderator" under your name makes you so goddamn motherfucking important that you think you have the right to take away someone else's right to free speech? I think that power is starting to corrupt you. see what happened to nazi germany and the USSR?

    censorship never worked and it never will. ban me if you want, see if that does anything. if anything you'll just drive everyone away that wanted to post here because they'll be afraid they'll just get censored for having an opinion.

    and you call yourselves an RCE forum. RCE is about freedom of information.
    And who was the one fucking with Ricardo, in a blatant display of discrimination for publishing in the "wrong" language? shut the fuck up, retard

    not about censoring anything you dont like.

    Who was the one indeed censoring? hint hint hint. . . at least figure what the fuck we are talking about before opening your mouth or hitting your keyboard
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Your right to say anything you want does not obligate us to hear what you have to say.
    A picture worth 1K words (or .5K DWORDS).

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    It would appear that DESUforever is the "reincarnation" of powerup who was recently banned by another moderator for similar bad behavior on these Forums.

    But let me address the essential fallacy of his Post. "Freedom of Speech" is a concept guaranteed by the American Constitution's 1st Amendment, which states:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Unfortunatley for DESUforever, that "Congress" (and/or state, or local government in the U.S.) "may make no law abridging the freedom of speech" has absolutely NOTHING to do with the rights or ability of "non-governmental" organizations to control and regulate the content of their publications and/or websites. Otherwise, all such efforts would be overrun by "juvenile potty mouths," such as powerup and DESUforever, who "demand" "their" rights, while always ignoring those of others who might disagree with their "personal views."

    Most ignorant people of DESUforever's mentality (or lack thereof) simply confuse what the "government" might not lawfully do with what "privately owned organizations" may lawfully do. If DESUforever's view of "free speech" were to prevail anywhere in the world, no employer could ever fire an employee for "mouthing off" about the boss, or the company, or some fellow employee, regardless of the "inappropriateness" or the "content" of the comments, and every newspaper and/or privately owned "publication" would be "required" to publish the most vile, disagreeable, and blatantly worthless "opinions" of anyone who wanted to "express themselves" with whatever slanderous, sick, hateful, or just personally warped point of view they may hold. Sorry DESUforever, neither "the law," nor the world works that way.

    When one comes to a privately held "publication" they do not have "freedom of speech" in either any legal or moral sense. The "publication" is perfectly "free" to limit the content and character of the "speech" which they will permit to be "published" within the confines of their privately owned publications.

    Were this not true, those who may hold competing religious views, and/or political views, and/or economic views could and would always be demanding, and receiving "permission" to put forth their competing views in the other organization's publications. Such is not the "law" here in America, or anywhere on Earth of which I am aware.

    Even here in America, we do have, and we will continue to exercise "our rights," as the Owner and Staff of this Forum, to control and regulate the character and content of its Forums. That's where DESUforever's rights end.

    But DESUforever, cheer up. YOU have "the right" to buy the appropriate software and server and start your own Forum and spew your ignorance and impotence to the whole wide world in any manner you wish. Of course, we have the right to ignore and/or ridicule you as we chose.

    You could, of course, always complain to your mommy about how the bad man ignored your attempts at insults and accorded your "opinions" no more than they were actually "worth."


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    WTF is going on here ???

    Write it in English?? JUST FOR YOU ??
    First amendment issues ??? THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR THAT SHIT.

    Anyone who registers is free to post what they want BUT, by registering, you agree to abide by the VERY liberal rules.

    I decide what is useless. If you think I am being unfair,
    go post your shit in another place and accuse me of anything you want.

    Better yet, go create your own RCE pages where useless criticisms
    are what the people want to read.

    Bring some knowlege or shut the fuck up.

    Do you ALL understand ?


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