Hello, I just downloaded softice and hex works yesterday, and having trouble. I'm using Windows 98 second edition, and the version of softice i downloaded was 3.24. I installed it with the universal driver and with the standard vga card. My settings for color is 16 bit. Everytime I load up my computer, it never gets to windows, it just sits at a blank screen. I ran it in dos and it pops up with a few variables saying what amount of memory usage it uses and then sits there frozen. No clue at all.

Hexworks works fine for patching dos applications, but when i goto patch any windows program, for example winzip, it won't work. I even put back the same values that i changed and it still doesn't work. Anyone know what this problem is about? The version I have is from their website.

Any help would be appreciated, I just got done learning low-level assembly programming and would just like to experiment before i continued on, but without the tools working, i might have to stick with dos applications. Thanks!