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Thread: Virus Bulletin 2006

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    Virus Bulletin 2006

    I bought my plane ticket a few hours ago for Virus Bulletin 2006. I'm looking forward to rubbing elbows with other virus analysts and discussing the latest and greatest reverse engineering tools and methods.

    If you're going to VB'06 as well, send me an e-mail or find me in person and mention my blog and I'll buy you a beer (which shouldn't be too hard seeing as how the conference will be in Montreal)!

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    Virus Bulletin 2006?

    youre sure you bought a plane ticket? wasnt a time machine ticket?


    ps: this isnt exetools forum... you dont need boost your post count to gain ftp access

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    Hi vecna.

    The time-warp has an explanation: This is a blog that has been imported into the board by means of a new feature (, and during the initial import procedure of such a blog, all old blog posts still remaining in the feed are imported too.
    They now sound anachronistic, but were current some time ago. . .

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    We would love to have a blog of yours here vecna, either directly here locally, or imported if you already have one.
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