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Thread: F-Secure Reverse Engineering Challenge (September 7th)

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    F-Secure Reverse Engineering Challenge (September 7th)

    I just want to repost this lost thread as it could be very interesting. I won't post the original replies, but I think we can discuss it anew.

    This was originally posted by the member Roll:

    Hello everyone.

    Just noticed that there is going to be another challenge from F-Secure and thought some of you might want to participate.
    Here is their blog post about it:
    It's been 6 days since the challenge started so I think there's a very good chance that there has been a winner already.

    Taking into account the rule that
    It is not allowed to publish the solution on public forums.

    Unless there are objections, I don't see a problem with discussing it as is usually done with a mini-project, which means


    However, it's always fun and instructive to discuss how to go about analyzing such a reversing challenge and some of the code techniques it uses, but to let people ultimately discover the answer themselves.

    In any case, this thread has done the Phoenix and is free to fly again.


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    I won

    Last I heard (a few days ago) there hadn't been any other responses; each year they give a second ticket out at random to one of the other first ten finishers, so if anyone wants a good chance of winning one I'd hurry up and give it a go

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    congrats wtbw... this was the driver jobbie yeh?

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    Yeah. I'll keep fairly mum about the actual mechanisms at the moment (especially as I actually want them to give me the ticket...), but I found it quite fun.

    I think I can probably get away with a comment on technique/tools, but I guess that's a slight hint by itself so I'll base64 it:

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