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Thread: OllyDbg Code Veiw

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    OllyDbg Code Veiw

    I have a question about CodeView window.
    Is it some Component or self created window (custom drawing) ?

    Because i saw something called ImmunityDebugger which looks exactly like OllyDbg :P
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Another first time poster who did not READ THE FRIGGIN FAQ or the Signature under his name or SEARCH before Posting!


    Put "Immunity Debugger" (without the quotes and note the "space") in the Search button HERE and/or actually LOOK in the Tools of the Trade Forum and you will find the answer to your own question!

    [Edit] Hum... Search is not finding "Immunity Debugger" for some reason, but the Title, itself, is clearly visible in the Tools of the Trade Forum! OK, problem solved! It has something to do with the capitalization. It finds "immunity debugger" quite easily and there is more than one Thread Discussing it and how it "borrowed" from OllyDBG!


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    It is custom component (FixCPUASM).
    A picture worth 1K words (or .5K DWORDS).

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