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Thread: .NET unpackme

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    Or why dont use M$ own tool ILDASM , commonly found in sdk directory

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    Quote Originally Posted by _InSaNe_ View Post
    Or why dont use M$ own tool ILDASM , commonly found in sdk directory
    Well Dotfuscator does it like that and thats one of the best obfuscators at the moment
    Not real code protection though
    LibX // RETeam

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    How to unpack pure .NET Packer with Reflexil:

    1)I found the function which calls EntryPoint.Invoke: in this case

    public void c()
    Assembly.Load(this.d).EntryPoint.Invoke(null, null);

    2) At this point I used the new plugin:
    Into reflexil window: right click and select "Replece all with code".
    Into the c# source I added using System.IO; and into the c() function this:

    FileStream fs = new FileStream(@"C:\dump.exe",FileMode.Create,FileAccess.Write);

    Now click on "Preview IL" and if all is ok click on "OK"

    3)Manual insertion of IL code:
    now insert after the first stloc.0 these IL codes, in this way, we can use local variables and functions:

    ldfld uint8[] a:biggrin.gif
    ldc.i4 0x927c1
    callvirt instance void [mscorlib]System.IO.FileStream::Write(uint8[], int32, int32)

    aka stream.Write(this.d, 0, 0x927c1);
    For more info about doing it view the UFO-Pu55y video tutorial.

    4)Save the file, and run it: a running dump will create at c:\

    The patched file:

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