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Thread: REZiriz v1.0

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    REZiriz v1.0

    REZiriz is a unpacker for Eziriz .NET Reactor > v3.1.x.x

    First of all its *ONLY* a unpacker and not a deobfuscation tool.

    Unpacker features:
    [*] Unpacking Eziriz .NET Reactor v3.3.0.1
    [*] Unpacking Eziriz .NET Reactor v3.2.4.6
    [*] Unpacking Eziriz .NET Reactor v3.2.0.6
    [*] Unpacking Eziriz .NET Reactor v3.2.0.0
    [*] Unpacking Eziriz .NET Reactor v3.1.0.0

    [*] Versions < v3.1.0.0 are not supported
    LibX // RETeam

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    Please re-upload your avatar!


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    A .NET unpacker written in .NET. How cute.

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