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Thread: Saffron, fast OEP finder

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    Saffron, fast OEP finder

    First I will not take any credit for this tool. I only saw the talk on Black Hat and thought it was a good idea.

    Main idea:
    Watch all memory writes. First time a instruction that has been written is
    executed in. Mark as possible OEP.

    From authors:
    "Track written memory
    If that memory is executed, it’s unpacked
    Must monitor:
    –Memory writes
    –Memory Executions
    Automate the process"


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    By triggering SEH exceptions the stack of a malware
    program is unwound until an appropriate handler is found. Due to
    the nature of the debugging interface, the debugger will insert its
    own SEH handling onto this stack.

    hmm just to name some trick for exception logging : hook kiuserexceptiondispatcher and get all exceptions, hook ntoskrnl!KeUserExceptionDispatcher and UserSharedData to avoid any detection of kiuser hook... edit: I see they mention unahdled exception, well hook UnhandledExceptionFilter

    btw for stealth tracing is not needed to play with TLB. It is only enough to watch P bit for paged out pages and use U/S bit for those that are paged in. sure SwapContext has to be hooked to have control over process switch and paged out/in pages.
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    deroko you should give a talk at conferences surrounding the technology/concepts behind doer
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    there is nothing revolutionary in it, everything is documented in IA32 manual, so I wrote all of that into driver, except PAE special case handling where windows doesn't set W flag in writable page but maintains it internaly in reserved bits of PAE PTE. kinda cool trick I don't know if this is general behaviour with PAE on x86 windows, but it surely occured in all targets I have tested.

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    Saffron is nothing new.. Even OllyBone wasn't new.

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